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Caring by Sharing

Caring By Sharing is ETA’s way of recognizing or remembering significant events that affect our members.  It is the responsibility of the building reps to contact Michelle Houser when such events occur to members in the respective buildings. Michelle teaches at Shoreview Elementary.

Here are the guidelines as adopted by the Euclid Teachers Association in April  of 2008.

1. Donation to a family or to a charity of the family’s choice upon the death

of a current ETA member.  Contribution approximately $50-$100.

2.  Donation to a member or to a charity of the member’s choice upon the

death of a family member. A contribution may include a gift certificate, gift card or charitable donation of $25 plus the cost of a card and postage.

3.  A remembrance sent to a member who has had major surgery or

illness.  A contribution of a gift certificate or gift card valued at $25 plus the cost of a card and postage.

4.  Congratulatory card sent to a member upon marriage or birth of a baby.

****Unusual circumstances should be brought to the attention of the president.  The President will poll the Executive Board for consideration.

****It is left up to individual buildings to decide if they want to do anything in addition to the Association guidelines.

Family is defined in the Agreement Between the Euclid Board of Education and the Euclid Teachers Association, section

The immediate family is defined as husband, wife, children, mother, father, sister, brother, any member of the teacher’s household, or any other person standing in the relationship of one of the above individuals.