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Election Information

As one of Ohio’s district associations, NEOEA is frequently asked to recommend members for appointment to OEA committees.  These committees do important work on behalf of OEA’s members, and many members find that involvement interesting and rewarding.  You or some of your members may be among those who could serve effectively on one of these groups.  We are presently looking for suggestions of members who could be recommended to two OEA committees, and we are always on the lookout for potential appointees to the others.

The following OEA committees presently need recommendations from NEOEA:
Local Development and Training Core Function Committee (especially appropriate for members who understand what kinds of training local leaders need to receive); and
Member Rights and Protection Core Function Committee (especially appropriate for building representatives and local grievance committee members).

The appointment process has several steps:
NEOEA’s president submits the appointee to NEOEA’s Board of Directors,
which approves sending the name to OEA’s president,
who recommends the appointment to OEA’s Board of Directors,
which approves the recommendation.

Letter of Intent 2023-2024

2023-2024 ETA election information sheet