Euclid Professional Development Committee

EPDC Members:
Chairperson:   Ron Zucca
Secretary: Kara Malberti

Chris Papouras-Chardon Hills
Janis Svoboda-Fordyce
LaWanda Johnson-Arbor
Florence Masella-Fordyce

Darlene Puljic-Central
Vicky Manno-Arbor
Joanne Schimizzi -Shoreview
Betsy Wright-EHS
Ron Zucca-EHS

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August 2016

The deadline for the next salary advancement is August 31, 2016.

Please be reminded that if you have paperwork to turn in for salary advancement, the deadline is August 31, 2016. Please send transcripts/forms to Kara Malberti. Questions should also be directed to Kara Malberti in HR.

  1. 8.7.4  Effective with the 2014-2015 school year, reclassifications will be made twice per year, with additional training to be submitted on or before August 30 for adjustments to be effective with theSeptember 15 pay date and additional training to be submitted by January 15 for adjustments to be made effective with the first day of the second semester. 

Click on the appropriate form below. This includes forms used for inservice hours as well as graduate credit. Please note inservice hours need to be turned in each year.

inservice summary

out of district course credit

schedule A


Salary Advancement Information:

12 hours of Grad Credit or a combination of
6 Inservice Hours (one inservice = 15 hours)
6 Semester Hours

•    Salary Advancement credit takes place in August 15 and January

•    Hours Beyond Your Masters approved by Superintendent with form:

Advance Beyond Schedule “A” Available on the Infoweb

•    Hours Before your Masters DO NOT need approval by the Superintendent

•    Out of district Inservice workshops must be approved by the EPDC (out of district approval form) and a Participation Certificate filled out by the instructor (when you have completed the workshop).  Forms online under
•    Inservice credit for salary advancement form is called:  Summary Sheet for Inservice Credit for Salary Advancement and is on a blue form.  (Obtain from school secretary).  Original certificates must be submitted along with the signed Summary Sheet to the secretary of EPDC.  Certificates must be dated within the CURRENT teacher contract year.
•    Inservice credit must always be submitted yearly for the current contract year:
September through August.   Note:  Workshops taken during the summer must be submitted for the October report.  (Not accepted in February).
•    Inservice (certificates) are submitted to EPDC Secretary and Transcripts to Stephanie Williams in Human Resources.

•    Hours are kept on file until the next advancement is obtained.

•    Partial Inservice cannot be turned in.  However, if you have an assortment of hours that total one inservice (15 hours) you can submit those, as along as they are all approved.
•    NOTE:  The same inservice can also be used toward your IPDP, if it is approved on Certrak toward your Plan.  This is because you are not receiving any type of reimbursement.
A contract year is from September through August.
If you receive salary advancement for your hours, you cannot turn in the same hours
for the May Compensation.  Professional Development Hours
for the compensation in May of each year must be dated from June through May.

You can only receive any type of money one time, either for:
Salary Advancement,
Compensation, or
Euclid Professional Development Pay Reimbursement
It is your decision to decide how you want to submit your hours.
Teachers: It is important for you to stay current. If you need assistance, contact one of the following members.


January 2016

Salary Advancement deadline is extended to January 15, 2016. Turn in your information to Sue Maroney.

August 2015

Please be reminded that if you have paperwork to turn in for salary advancement, the deadline is approaching.

  1. 8.7.4  Effective with the 2014-2015 school year, re-classifications will be made twice per year, with additional training to be submitted on or before August 30 for adjustments to be effective with the September 15 pay date and additional training to be submitted by January 15 for adjustments to be made effective with the first day of the second semester.

Updated Salary Info: 2014

All salary advancement information including any in-service hour certificates that were taken after February 1, 2014 are due to Stephanie Williams by August 15th in order to qualify for any salary advancement for the 2014-2015 school year.


Any in-service hours not turned in by the deadline date will become unusable for salary advancement.  Therefore,  if you have taken anything between February 1 and August 15th that add up to an in-service hour, you should turn them in and they will be banked for any future salary advancement.


Also, please note contract language 8.7 pertaining to the filing of course credits —  if you wish to be considered for a change in salary classification, an official transcript is due by August 30th. Recognizing the tight time frame of summer coursework a grade for the class could temporarily take the place of a transcript.  You must, however, provide a transcript as soon as possible.


The next opportunity for salary reclassification is January 15.

Thank you.