Contract Update


June 22, 2017: Since the end of the school year, your negotiating team has met in bargaining sessions with the board’s team an additional 35 hours, bringing the total time spent negotiating to over 65 hours of bargaining. We are still far apart on the following articles:

• 2 – Professional Obligations which includes teacher day
• 5 – Transfer and Assignment which includes teacher initiated transfer (bidding)
—— and administrative initiated transfer (teaching assignment)
• 6 – Teacher Contracts which includes reduction in force (layoffs)
• 8 – Compensation and fringe benefits
• 12 – Students which includes class size, special education, and co-teaching

We are scheduled to meet on August 7 and 8. While we are hopeful that progress will be made, the differences in our current positions are vast and daunting.

It is time to energize and activate our membership. We need your help.

Convocation is scheduled for Monday, August 14. Your negotiating team will hold a meeting at 3:00 in the high school auditorium at the conclusion of the convocation day. At this meeting, we will share an update from the August 7 and 8 sessions, and we will present an action plan. We need your participation and support at this meeting. We need you there.
Ron Zucca, Negotiations Chair